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The Roof Fix Radio Show: Protect the Value of Your Roof

January 5, 2020 | Blog

In the first podcast of 2020, Duane discusses the value of the Roof Tune-Up and he explains how the new Texas House Bill affects your insurance. He also discusses the solar panel starter program that comes when you purchase a new roof from roof fix. Listen now for more information on taking care of your roof!


It’s time to raise the roof you’re listening to the roof fix show with your host Duane Charping shouting from the rooftop over 30 years of Home Improvement experience and roof expertise, solid advice about roof repair, replacement leaks, insurance claims, warning signs and the ever-popular small print. It’s all about the shingles under the sunshine, the roof fix show, here’s Duane

Duane Charping

Hello Hello everybody. This is Duane Charping your host here at roof fix show. I’m also the owner of roof fix and I’m here with J.R.


Hey everybody. Happy Sunday.

Duane Charping

Hey, this is the first Sunday of 2020 we all survived the new year and Christmas and, boy we have a lot of exciting things for y’all this year. Coming from roof fix, you know we pride ourselves in providing the best and most excellent customer service in our industry. And you know, we’re the home of the roof tuneups. You know, we’re talking about roof tuneups and the value of roof tuneups. Roof tune-ups are like a policy protection plan that what happens is if you don’t know what’s going on with your roof you can get a roof tune-up. We do an inspection, we tune up the roof, seal the pipe vents, get everything to tip-top with the roof, and then we warranty that roof three to five years depending on which warranty plan we can pick. And this gives you the ultimate protection on your roof, peace of mind. And we do annual inspections to make sure the roof is always in its best condition. We get in the attic looking for thermal imagery, we’re making sure your attic ventilation is working right so you can reduce those utility costs during the hot summer months.

There’s so much value that you get from a roof tune-up from roof fix. No other roofing company offers anything like it. But also we use innovative programs that when a storm occurs, you can go ahead and get first response from roof fix after the storm, we get out there to make sure the roof is in good tip-top condition still make sure there are no leaks. If we have to put any temporaries on the house and policy protection gives you this program, this whole roof tune-up program, a refundable cost to go towards a deductible if a new roof is required. Folks, this will take care of a reasonable amount of a deductible amount because you’ve already paid us for the tune-up policy program. That is a policy of protection that we are giving you policy protection towards a deductible on your insurance. up to $2,000. So you guys got to look at your policies. You know, roofers are not allowed with this new house bill. They cannot pay your deductible anymore. It is a felony and it’s going to be insurance fraud. Yes, it is a house bill that was passed in 2019. So homeowners make sure you look to make sure your deductibles are in a reasonable area if you have a 2 to 3% deductible this could be a crisis in a hail or wind damage situation. So you know favorably $1,000, $2,000 deductible is something that you can definitely recover from especially with this service.

Also in 2020, we have these shampoo services that also can take care of any type of repair this service takes care of those streaking of your roof. If you see any staining and streaking, this staining is algae and it’s actually eating the composite of your shingles, loosening up the granules and cutting the lifespan in half. And you know this is a big problem because also when you have that algae it stores heat, makes the roof hotter and makes the roofless efficient. Manufacturers will void the warranty. If you have algae on your roof. We have an affordable cleaning system you know you can’t have a high-pressure washer cleaning your roof or you’ll blow all your granules off. We use what’s called a roof shampoo, why it’s called roof shampoo because it suds up removes all the algae. A low volume cleaner goes up and down and rotates and cleans the shingles without putting any harmful power to the shingles weakening the granules, this needs to be done by a professional and we bring it to you for a fraction of the cost of a repair or a new roof. It’s a real affordable way to keep your house maintained. And we’ll also give you first response on any type of damage putting you in our data system and giving you free annual inspections once a year to make sure your roof is tip top.


So if the tuneups a three-year inspection, what’s our policy for the shampoos?

Duane Charping

Well, the shampoos could go three to five years also because we’re applying that sealer. So if we go with the sealer, it will tighten up the granules. But it does depend on if we’re doing it on a 20-year roof. Or if we’re doing it on a 10-year roof, you know, that’s what’s going to change it from a three to 5-year warranty depending on the life of the roof, both warranties on the tune-up and on the shampoos.

These solutions are great solutions for homeowners, because our affordable when most roofing companies come out there and try to sell you a new roof, we could sell you solutions before having to get a new roof. And so these two solutions work very well. And you know, as J.R. is here every week with me, he runs our service department and basically what J.R. does is he does service and repair. Our company is designed to help. So we have a repair division.

We have a shampoo division, we have a policy protection tune-up division, that brings repairs to our homeowners out here in our community for fractions of the cost of what other roofers could do it for.


And what we want to make sure everybody understands is you don’t always need a new roof. That’s why we offer these different programs sometimes you have a small leak, but the rest of your roof looks good. Oh great. We have a tune-up or your curb appeal doesn’t look so great because you have stains on your roof. Great. We got the shampoo. You don’t need to put brand new shingles on your roof. Maybe you just need to clean them in for the fraction of the price. Why, wouldn’t you do that?

Duane Charping

Absolutely. You know, and that’s really what we’re trying to touch with. You know, our consumer out there. Today is roof fix is all about giving you solutions and fixing your roof. And we have a service department that’s next to none. That does over 250 services a month. Yes. And we just this is all they do. But you know if you live out the hill country or wanting to look into metal roofing, we got a great deal on metal roofing we’re going to this year start it out with a bang you’re gonna hear this on a lot of our promos and commercials all month of January. But we are going to do metal riffs. This is standing seam 24 gauge, you could get it colored with kind or finish. It has a 40-year warranty on material and labor. And we also put the syrations and manufacturer right at your home. The syrations will reduce any type of oil canning. It looks beautiful. And a standing seam provides no exposed fasteners on the home so you don’t have to worry about ever having leaks again.

We will go ahead and add proper attic ventilation, make sure the metal is breathing right. And we are including free radiant barrier, you could get up to 20% off or you could take advantage of our zero percent interest, no payments, no interest until 2022. Or if you want a real low monthly payment. We could do zero percent interest up to five years on your roofing project. So if you’re thinking about a metal roof, roof fix is the best place to come. You’re dealing direct.

We don’t source the work out, we bring the manufacturing right to your home. We run and feed it out onto our machines. And our state machines have nylon rollers, they really treat massage the metal as it comes out so they get a better straighter panel, and we install it to the best manufacturer’s specifications to provide you the last roof that you will ever put on your home. But also folks, we are the GAF master elite contractor, we won the triple excellence award. This year, we take roofing seriously, all of our contractors are certified and we install to higher standards at no extra cost to you. 6 nails per shingle. We’re using the most innovative underlayment that is 25 times stronger than the standard felt papers that you use in the industry. We’re using leak barriers around all pipes and valley penetrations of the home and the most state of the art starter strip course that will give you a 130 mile per hour wind lift guarantee.

There is not a better shingle than GAF Timberline shingle for your home, and we’re doing 20% off on that single, or you can take advantage of that same great five year zero percent interest to get a low monthly payment, or don’t pay any interest, no payments, till 2022. So these are some really great things that we got going on. Now what we’re really excited about today is what we’re going to be offering free solar for anybody that wants to take advantage of thinking about solar,


Free solar in 2020. Do you hear that folks? Roof Fix is now gonna include solar.

Duane Charping

We are solar fix as a product of roof fix and who’s better to install solar than your roofer. You know, you get a solar company come out they’ll put solar panels on an old roof, and then they want to charge you $14,000 or $15,000 just to replace the roof and put the solar panels back on, on a reinstall. You will not get that here roof fix. But one of our promotional offers is we’re going to do a converter and four panels at absolutely no cost with a purchase of a roof. This is going to start in about two weeks. It will go all the way through till February. But if you’re interested in that program, please give us a call. You know you call us at our office 210-454-2400.

We’re even open on Sundays folks. So you could give us a call anytime of the week, seven days a week and take advantage of these great offers that we’re giving. The reason why we’re doing the solar program is to get people started and getting them in that direction. Now four panels will not take you off the grid, but it will reduce your energy bill and you can add solar panels at anytime. So if you want to maximize and put, you know, 20 panels on your roof and really take the burden off having to pay a utility company anymore, we can do that for you too. But we are giving a starter program that puts the diverter hooks it up and puts four free solar panels and a free diverter on your home. When you purchase a roof from roof fix. You can finance that zero percent interest all the way up to five years to get a low monthly payment. Or you can do the same thing. deferred, no interest and no payments I mean you won’t have any payments until 2022.


And we’ve done it we’ve done plenty of repairs where a new roof goes on or even an older roof and the people decide to install solar afterward. And wouldn’t you know not even a month comes by when we get a strong rain and I get a call and hey, I’ve never had a leak before and now it’s leaking. Can you come to check it out? And sure enough, it’s because of the solar that was installed.

Duane Charping

Well, you know, we’re really excited about, you know, being able to offer this and we’ve had such a great year in 2019, especially with our customer ratings, you know, made the Super Service Angie’s List award four years in a row, this is something that we are just so proud to maintain and keep this reputation and service our customers. And you know, as we, you know, go on to, you know, we get such a great response, especially here at KTSA.

So, we wanted to bring this solar offer to our listeners, you know, and so, I’m telling you guys, if you ever thought solar, have roof fix come out and check out the solar program, we could use it with you. We got three major brands that we’re using, we’re very excited about Panasonic is one of the most is a leader in the industry. So it’s Tesla and we carry that brand also. And so yeah, Hyundai is another leader out there. Now there’s a lot of other solar panels being used that won’t do or create the wattage that you need. But what’s really the problem that I see is they’re not protected right on the roof. Meaning that film that goes over the top will not protect them from hail or high winds, meaning you can invest in solar, one of these out of state solar companies, and have a lot of problems that are solar down the road. So, you know, we’ve really done our research and our marketing and understanding what a good panel is and how we’re going to bring that in 2020.

So folks, if you’re thinking about solar, give roof fix a call 210-454-2400 or better than that, go to rooffixsa.com and we will be able to give you a lot of information on this. But you know, as a solution company, again for anybody that’s coming on and hearing you know roof fix where the home of the roof tuneup, policy protection, we come out we inspect your roof, we’ll tune-up any minor damages, missing shingles, seal the pipe vents the valleys around the chimneys, make sure you’re having no leaks, then we’ll warranty your roof to three to five years, depending on the life and the condition of your roof. A minimum of three years, a maximum of five years, peace of mind. So you know, if you’re worried you travel, y’all do go out of town a lot. And you want somebody to monitor your roof. You know, just give us a call. And we will come out and show you what a tune-up could do. It’s fractions of the cost of having to replace your roof. And as you said, J.R, we only want to do roofs for customers that actually need a roof. Yeah, if we can prolong the cost of the investment of putting a new roof on by using one of our tuneups and give the homeowner that protection that they can feel confident that the roof is going to be safe and take care of for fractions of the cost.


Well adds protection and it’s peace of mind because a lot of people don’t understand the roofs. We go out there we explain it to them, we explain the system they have. And we also tell them, Hey, you know what, if we do this tune-up, you got another five, six years left in this roof. And that gives them the time and the ability to save up towards a new roof. And they can always remember that the amount they spend on the tuneup can get deducted from the new roof if and when they decide to get one replaced.

Duane Charping

Here are the fact folks we have more. Because of our system and what comes from the south and the north, coming usually in between March, April, and May, you know, there’s a good chance you’re going to get a hailstorm or you’re going to get some type of storm damage that will compensate. You have to buy a new roof, you know, but then you got people that want to just upgrade their homes or they have a roof. That’s in really bad condition. Now, they got to get it fixed. You know, but we can always start out with a roof inspection. See what one of our good solutions could do for you. But if you do need a new roof.

We have a great offer, you know, 20% off, or you take advantage of that great payment program, you know, zero percent interest up to five years giving you a low monthly payment with zero money down, or you go zero money down and no payments, no interest until 2022 that’s on all services that we provide. Now on the repair service, we go to zero percent up to 24 months, because you got to remember folks you’re not financing very much money, these things cost fractions of what a new roof costs. But you know, the manufacturers out there and I’m talking about GAF, Owens, Corning, all the big leading manufacturers, they recommend that you least get your roof inspected once a year. Folks, even if you have a new roof, it is good to get that roof inspected once a year.

Roof fix does free annual inspections every year, no cost to you and gives you peace of mind to know what condition your roof is in. This is all we do, you know, is anything that’s got to do with a roof, you know, solar panels that go on a roof. We do those too. We got our own people that do the installation that are certified to put these solar panels on for you. And guess what we are local, locally owned, locally operated. And we’re from San Antonio, and we take care of everybody in the surrounding areas of San Antonio. We even service all the way up to Houston. And, you know, we, we will go ahead. I know we have listeners in Houston too. Yes, sir.

So you know, we’ll go out we have actually an office in Houston. And we can come out and do the same offers that we’re giving you here down in that location. And we also have an office up in the Dallas area. So we’re in two different locations. And as the owner of roof fix, you have my personal guarantee to be 100% satisfied with all of our services. I’m very easy to get ahold of to our customers, I’m very engaged as an owner to make sure that you get the job that you paid for.


And that is the truth.

Duane Charping

And you know, we really care about the standards, the industry and the people that we have working for us, you know, we’re not breaking the backs of our laborers we make sure that you’re it’s are professionally delivered of the shingles and put up on the roof. Then we have our installers who do the tear-offs. And then we have our installers that put on the roof. You know, these guys out here, these cheap laborers and the picking up and they’re making them carry the shingles up and break their back and then put down the roof.

They’re only using about three nails per single, you know, a roof is not just a roof and you can tell roof fix they give you the right investment at the right cost. You know, we’re not going to inflate our costs, because we’re one of the best roofers in the area. number one rated, we’re going to bring it to you as a value and we’re going to help you make it affordable.

By being the home of the zero-percent financing, this is going to be available our zero percent financing options go all year round is something that, you know we wanted to bring to the community. So if anybody needs a roof there’s no reason for you to have a leaky roof, we’ll even come out and do free temps with no obligation to buy.


No reason it actually makes my job easier folks, if you call me and say hey, I’m noticing water getting into the house, but you call me right when you notice it and I can go put a temporary repair like a tarp or, or some ice and water there just to keep the water from getting in and we can schedule you for repair. It just minimizes the damage to the inside of your home.

Duane Charping

We definitely want to make sure that we’re doing preventive measures, you know, preventive measures will save you thousands of dollars and later damage. You know, I mean with a leaking roof, you might not see the leak in your house but the mold and what could grow in the attic space and deterioration to the decking. I mean it could create an unhealthy environment. You know, if you have not got your roof inspected, if you want to look at one of our, four great solutions that we give, and folks we sell and install to the best manufacturers practices out there.

We’re a master elite contractor, only 1% of contractors have ever had this recognition in the whole United States 1% and then 1% of those have made it to the triple excellent award with GAF and your GAF is your largest shingle manufacturer in the world. They build an amazing shingle. What I like about them versus any other shingle out there is their nailing fan is extra wide so you can make sure you get those six nails in the right position. No granules in those nailing fins, so that when the roof seals from one shingle to another, it’s getting a total adhesive seal. They had tested the GAF Timberline shingle in a wind tunnel. Up to 150 miles per hour without nails down and no shingles blew off.

Now, folks, we’re still gonna put six nails per shingles. We’re not gonna cut those and when you buy a roof from roof fix, not only do we give you a great price, we’re giving you a great system. We’re talking about lifetime pipe vent covers we’re talking about ice and water shield leak barrier, and all the valleys around all the penetrations, a GAF synthetic underlayment that’s 25 times stronger.


And people ask me sometimes they say hey, what is it that you’re putting on the roof whenever we’re installing the synthetic felt. And I’m like, Oh, well, that’s what it is. It’s synthetic felt. Oh, what’s the difference between that and the black paper that’s coming off the roof? Well, that’s exactly a difference is when it’s coming off the roof. That’s paper felt paper is paper,

That’s a mineral paper. They actually add oil to it to keep it flexible. The oil also in the mineral paper is a waterproofer. The problem is in South Texas between San Antonio to the equator that’s one of the hardest hottest regions out there. And most homes and most roofers are installing roofs with improper roofing ventilation. And be careful folks on the ones are just giving away ridge vents.

You know, ridge vents take away from the structural protection of the wood that gets cut back taking the wind bracing out and today’s roofers are not adding support. And if they’re not calibrating or going into your attic, well, we use thermal cameras to make sure that the ventilation is actually working. Make sure the ratio between soffit and vents is working. You know, the ridge vents might not be the solution for your home.


Now that is important because I just had a customer who had a different roofing company install, and I went out there to help them understand what went wrong on that job site. He has ridge vent on his house, but wouldn’t you know, he doesn’t have any perforated soffit.

Duane Charping

Yeah, that so it’s doing absolutely nothing. You know, it’s like the hot air balloon. You know, a hot air balloon builds up heat rises because there’s no escape of hot air. So the only way that when you have your attic building up with hot air, and there is no soffit ventilation, that’s the lower eave ventilation that draws cool air from the bottom, creating a natural circulation to relieve the hot air into your attic. If you don’t have soffit ventilation folks, you’re going to have a real roof failed system.

The shingles will break down faster, the attic is hot, and you are sucking all the cool air out of all your light fixtures and areas because it’s a pressure system strong enough to raise a balloon 2000 feet up in the air. This is the type of pressure that could build up in your attic. So roof fix we look at all the solutions, we evaluate the whole entire job, an estimate only takes 30 to 45 minutes, you’ll know exactly where your roof is.

We’re not going to sell you a new roof. If you don’t need a new roof. That’s what you can count on with roof fix. And you know, the manufacturers are recommending annual inspections at least once a year to see what kind of condition your roof is in. This is preventive protection, folks. It’s got to make sense to you.


And if it doesn’t cost you anything, there’s no reason especially with Texas weather folks, why you wouldn’t get our annual inspection. And the whole purpose of it is for us to bring you up to date on how your roof looks how its health is, man.

There are some houses that I’ve seen here in the San Antonio area that are two-story and they’re steep, and we don’t want to get in on those roofs but we can definitely get up there, we have the personnel that are trained in safety to get up there, do their job and review your roof, get down and give you a full report of your roof’s health and let you know hey, you know what? It’s in perfect condition. It’s great or hey, we noticed you’re missing a couple of shingles. Let us go ahead and take care of that for you.

Duane Charping

We don’t even get up on the roof folks. We got state of the art drone technology that could actually detect wind and hail damage. And when we fly our drones and get them up there to do this thorough inspection and give you this report. This is free to you, there’s no obligation, but 90% of our customers we go out to couldn’t believe that they had so many missing shingles because they don’t get up and look on their roof.

You can’t see you know, a lot of people can’t see the rooftops out there, there was a house over off of 1604 and Redland and they had over 40 shingles missing, you know, they were getting a bunch of leaks up in their attic, mold, and deterioration was happening to the decking, but they didn’t see the damage inside their house yet. They were blown away by what the free inspection had exposed. And in that case, you know, we were able to fix it for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. Before the damage set in.


Half those houses are massive, and sometimes it takes a while for that water to reach all the way to the ceiling.

Duane Charping

Right. Right. So, you know, we got a lot of exciting things coming folks. So you know, we do always love this show and come out here and be able to educate our consumer and you know, we just that’s what We want to do every week and you could go to jr@rooffixsa.com.


With any of your questions.

Duane Charping

He is a master of repair, he can help you we’ll even help do it yourselfers. If you need some good advice. Give us a call email 210-454-2400 that’s 210-454-2400 get that free estimate. And you know join us every Sunday here at five o’clock. Listen to our show. You know if there’s anything we can do to give you good advice, this is what we’re here for.

This is everything that goes on under a roof. And this is all about you. And we thank you for joining us every weekend here at roof fix. My name is Duane and again you’re here with J.R. and we will see you next Sunday. Happy New Year. Bye

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